Send Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to Indiana

In honor of Independence Day and the victims of 9/11, I offer up a request to make life of the man who is one of the most ruthless Islamic Jihadist killers known to earth severely uncomfortable and miserable.

While Osama Bin Laden gets credit for 9/11, KSM is the actual thinker and planner of it. He recruited the Hamburg cell and brought the idea to OBL. To get a sense of how powerful KSM is, Bin Laden at one point during the planning of 9/11 asked KSM to pledge his allegiance to him, KSM told him to “Pound Sand”.

While President Obama sells the lie that Guantanamo Bay “creates terrorism” and is starting the shutdown process, he is also purposely delaying the trial of KSM. I can only speculate why, but his sentence will come due one day and more than likely it will be death. In the mean time, I recommend KSM gets sent to the federal prison in Terre Haute, IN.  Why you ask? He will be placed inside one of two buildings within the prison: the “Special Confinement Unit” or “Communications Management Unit”.

Here are the luxuries he will face within the SCU that makes the ACLU cry foul:

The ACLU accused the penitentiary of having “grossly inadequate” conditions at the Special Confinement Unit in 2008, saying that those on death row were routinely denied basic medical care, mental health services, and were subject to incessant noise that causes sleep deprivation.

They are in a small cell by themselves. All their meals are pushed through a slot. There is no recreation, but they can go out of their cells three times a week into cages,” Gerardot told The Tribune-Star, a newspaper in Terre Haute.

“Truthfully, I don’t know how they keep their sanity.

Knowing the ACLU lies about a lot of “conditions”, I can only hope this is an accurate description. If KSM is not put in the unit above, he will most certainly go into the CMU.

The facility also houses a special unit opened in 2006 for terrorism-related offenses called the Communications Management Units (CMU).

Because of the CMU’s reputation for housing some of the country’s biggest security threats, some have called Terre Haute “Guantanamo North.”

The Communication Management Units in the prison severely restrict communications between inmates and the outside world. Inmates are limited to two two-hour nonphysical visits per month, plus one 15-minute phone call per week.

Mail must be screened, copied, and evaluated before being delivered to inmates. All conversations must be in English.

KSM used to fly around the world and lived a life of luxury while planning terrorists attacks that has killed thousands. Now lets make his years left on earth miserable right here in the great state of Indiana.

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