Chill out lecturering people who eat fast food

America is over taken right now with a culture of lecturing from pretentious nannies. One area is lecturing about diets and what people should eat. This has even gotten out of control with politicians instituting “sin” taxes on drinks and foods.

Ever want to see one of these people go into “I’m offended” seizures, bring up you eat fast food. New data shows Americans really don’t eat at fast food restaurants as much as what you’re led to believe.

Here’s some stats according to┬ádealing with how often people go out to eat at these places:

Frequency Percent
Once per week 44%
Twice 20%
Three or more 14%
Seven 6%
Never 28%

As you can see, a combined 72% never go/once per week. Once per week is not going to kill you or your diet.

Eat on America

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