Protect your yard from fungus

From time to time I’m going to post on products in which I use.

Sharing info is a great for helping others.

I like having a nice lawn and taking care of it relaxes me. One frustration is you can treat your yard with care via weed spray and fertilizer and then once higher temps/humidity hits the grass and soil, fungus starts growing. You’ll see it with spots browning out or even a rust powder attached to your shoes.

I found one product through research to use myself. Here’s what I just started using:
You can purchase this on for about $19/bottle.
When I sprayed my application my movements were quick to make sure I covered as much as possible. I used two bottles on about 3/4’s of an acre. The results have been good so far. I have some browning in various spots but it’s very minimal compared to years past. This needs applied about once a month and I will probably run treatments through the end of September.

Hope this helps.

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