“Farm to Table” restaurants are misleading

Think you’re eating local and fresh at the growing fad of “Farm to Table” restaurant?

Think again according to financial advocate Clark Howard:

That steak from down the street likely came from across the country instead of a cattle rancher the next town over. And that freshly caught fish came frozen from South America — last month. All of the cliche words like “organic” or “non-GMO” we’ve come to expect from restaurants vying for our dollars are often used without any truth to those claims.

Laura Reiley, a writer for the Tampa Bay Times, decided to follow the claims back to the source: The farmers and distributors. What she found wasn’t just the occasional inaccuracy but a trove of lies. Even though a farmer’s name was written on a blackboard next to the dish, many of these farmers said they have never sold product to the restaurants. And the excuses mounted from there.

“Do you make these cheese curds here?” the writer asked of one Tampa Bay restaurant worker. “Yes,” said the bartender, “everything is made in house from scratch.” It turns out that those cheese curds came shipped in a box. The fish and chips there aren’t fresh either, as claimed. They come frozen from China. And the list goes on.

Read the rest here.

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