Why Donald Trump is Leading in the Polls

I am a big Ted Cruz supporter but I’m also a realist. Even though Cruz has for many years led a fight against big government and for the constitution, he’s still seen

as an “insider”. Cruz still has a shot to win but Donald Trump is rising in the polls hard and fast.

Why is he doing so well? In all honesty because he talks tough on illegal immigration. American citizens are emotionally done with the lack of enforcement on illegal immigrants and our horrendous legal i.e. VISA and asylum refugee system.

Don’t believe me? Since running this blog I have been swamped the last six months with weekly emails and messages from people not just on US illegal immigrants but also what is going on in Europe i.e. Islamic refugees. U.S. mainstream media won’t even touch it, but many blogs and European press are going ballistic on the crimes these Islamic refugees are doing in Europe.

Then a story caught my eye last week that pretty much sums up of how horrific our immigration is and unfair it is to Americans…..and why Donald Trump is leading in the polls:

Judge Lets Drunk Illegal Immigrant Go After Killing Nebraska Woman

More information has emerged on just how an illegal immigrant, who killed a Nebraska woman in a drunk driving incident, was allowed to get out of jail and skip town and future punishment.

Omaha police charged illegal alien Eswin Mejia with killing 21-year-old Sarah Root while driving drunk and street-racing the night of January 31, but in short order Mejia vanished after posting a small bond, skipping out on future court dates and being held accountable for killing the young woman.

Sadly, the day before the crash, Root graduated from Bellvue University with a 4.0 GPA and a B.S. in crime investigation. A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help her family as they mourn her loss.

Before he absconded, police had asked U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials to detain Mejia. ICE officials, however, decided to deny the request for an immigration detainer, saying the suspect didn’t meet their requirements for a hold.

Read the rest here via Breitbart.com

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