Dear Senator Cruz: Send Lynne Stewart Back to Prison

Dear Senator Ted Cruz,

I’m a big supporter of your Senate work and Presidential campaign. I wish you well in your attempt to become President.

With the recent Islamic Jihadist terrorist attack in San Bernardino I feel the need to point out a major problem we have right here within our borders….terrorist sympathizers who support these groups. The American public is desperately seeking leadership to lawfully start purging the country of these people and groups.

Here’s an example:

Lynne Stewart is still alive and she shouldn’t be. That is a major blow to our judicial system. Stewart is a convicted felon and should be sitting in a federal prison for her involvement in being a Jihadist messenger to Omar Abdel-Rahman i.e. The Blind Sheikh. Maybe some are unaware but he facilitated the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.
Lynne is an active supporter of terrorists like the Blind Sheikh. Anyone who disputes this should read her profile during his trial when she represented him.

She was tried and convicted in the federal court system for purjery and passing messages to the violent Islamic terrorist group al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya for the Blind Sheikh. While in prison she developed breast cancer and petitioned the court for medical release under the guise she only had 18 months to live. In December 2013 she was released. Now two years later, unrepentant and unfortunately healthy, she is a rock star on the “America is evil” speaking circuit(full example here).

While I’m proud that this country has the ability for certain release of prisoners for compassionate reasons, this is not one of them. Lynne Stewart has shown she is fully capable of serving her time.

I implore you to either use your powers in the Senate or if you become President to revoke this terrorist sympathizer release and put her back in prison.

Thank you for your time.

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