Why Are Democrats So Angry?

Last night watching the Democrat Presidential debate on CNN I’m pretty stunned how angry the candidates are.

Observing and studying politics, I haven’t seen very many issues that conservatives have won in the last three decades. On the flip side if you identify yourself as a moderate, Democrat, socialist or progressive you have pretty much scored victories in everything that you support or believe in.

So why are Democrats just down right upset at society? You have everything you ever desired from a political platform on issues. Don’t believe me…..well let’s run through some of them:

Hocus Pocus Issues
Gender inequality, The worlds Climate in chaos because of America, oppression of the Middle Class caused by evil Billionaires, segments of society being forced into slavery still to this day…..those were actual issues brought up last night. Now rational thinking people will laugh at this but I dont. I run across A LOT of people who live by this politically. I won’t say 50% of Americans believe this, but after 50 years of Democrats constantly repeating this….they are picking up believers.

Government Spending

Many Democrats link government spending to basic economics. Once tax revenue is collected, then the real economy begins. The U.S federal government alone will he reaching the $4 Trillion/year mark in spending very shortly. For some reason this is not enough. How is that?

In 2006, the U.S. federal government spent $2.66 Trillion. In 2015 it will spend $3.9 Trillion. That is a 47% increase in spending! Why is this not celebrated as a great achievement by Democrats.

This is truly one of the greater achievements of the Democratic Party. I really mean it. Mainstream media is yours in controlling the political message. Now, are bloggers starting to rise and sort of throwing a wrench in the plans? Yep. Will it last? Who knows.

But let’s be honest, Barack Obama was one of the greatest achievements of media helping the Democrats. No questions about his background or hard detailed grilling about his plans. Hell, today is the same. He controls when he wants to talk and talk to. Any criticism by media of former President Bush on policy never gets applied to President Obama. Don’t believe me….check this out:

With the 2016 Presidential race coming up the media knows it needs to do its job in at least embarrassing GOP candidates. So any slip up or wrong tone will be magnified times 20. Not complaining, just be realistic. On the Democrat side, well they will get away with everything. That’s just how it is.

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