Dallas Cowboys Go Virtual Reality


The Dallas Cowboys have signed a two year deal with

StriVR Labs which is a virtual reality company. The team just started using drones to hover over practices this offseason and now embark on “mental reps” for players.

wearing a headset to see a 360 degree view of plays in practice, including sound, from the quarterback’s perspective. The Cowboys’ two-year deal with a VR reality startup company, StriVR Labs, was reported on-line by re/code.net.

The technology could prove to be a useful tool not only for Tony Romo, but especially his backups like Brandon Weeden, Dustin Vaughan, and Jameill Showers. According to the re/code.net article, Stanford University used the technology last season.   The Cowboys are the first NFL team to sign StriVR Labs, a company founded by former Stanford kicker Derek Belch.

What’s interesting to me about the technology is that it takes the “mental reps” a backup QB gets during practice to a new level.

Read the rest here.

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